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Steam Introduces Creater Homepage to Improve Discovery

posted Friday Jun 22, 2018 by Scott Ertz

Steam Introduces Creater Homepage to Improve Discovery

One thing all gamers con agree on is that finding new games on Steam is... challenging. Following a creator has been a majorly manual process, and almost entirely off of the platform. If a published put out a new game, or new content for an existing game, it was actually easier to learn that information on Facebook or Twitter, or relying on press releases published on other sites, that it was on Steam itself. Those days are a thing of the past.

Steam has officially released Steam Creator Homepages into beta, allowing gamers to easily learn new information about their favorite publishers. If you find a creator that you like, and want to see updates and new content from them, you can follow their page and know when something happens in the future. You can also use the feature to find other titles from a creator that you recently discovered that you like.

Take for example an indie developer. They might have published 2 games in their entire history, and you were introduced to their newest by a friend. You like the game so much that you are interested in finding out what else they have worked on. You can head to your search engine of choice and look for the website, which they hopefully have, and look for previous projects. You can search the posts on Facebook, hoping to find something. None of it is good, yet that is currently the best process.

This is where the Steam Creator pages come in, making it easier to find out more about these publishers. As of right now, not everyone has a page. Creators have to take advantage of the new feature by setting up their page before it will be available. If a creator has yet to create their page, you will still be taken to the standard search page that has always existed. In the future, Valve plans to bring more capabilities to the pages, but for now the Beta is way better than what has been available previously.


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