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Microsoft Brings Mixer Support to Minecraft

posted Saturday Nov 25, 2017 by Scott Ertz

Microsoft Brings Mixer Support to Minecraft

When Microsoft bought Twitch competitor Beam in 2016, it brought with it the promise of more social streaming features to its biggest game franchises. Arguably their biggest franchise has just received those capabilities on the rebranded Microsoft Mixer - Minecraft. While the alliteration might be enough for some, the new features are even more exciting.

As with other games that implement Mixer directly into their games, players can stream directly from within the game without any need for additional software. This allows for the game to implement the features that sets Mixer apart from its competitors: social control. Viewers have the ability to control the player's environment, spawn obstacles and even enemies.

In terms of Minecraft, viewers could potentially have the ability to change night to day, add elements to the player's environment, or even spawn monsters to challenge the player. This makes the process more automated and far less manual, like it would be on Twitch or YouTube Gaming, where viewers can only flood the chatroom with comments, hoping that enough of them will cause the player to trigger the event themselves.

For the player, however, there are ways to put limitations on what the viewers can do. If you don't want to allow viewers to add items to your landscape, you can turn it off. If you want to limit the ability to add enemies, you can. This gives control to both the streamer and viewer in tandem.

These new features are available now for Windows 10, Xbox One and Android version 1.2.5.


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