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A Super Mario Bros. Game Wii Can Play Together

posted Sunday Oct 18, 2009 by Jon Wurm

A Super Mario Bros. Game Wii Can Play Together

We Americans like to make fun of our Japanese friends for their extraordinary work ethic but sometimes something magical translates to our shores because of it. Miyamoto and his team at Nintendo has been hitting it hard working on Super Mario Bros. Wii. Some of you may be rolling your eyes after reading that Nintendo is still milking the Super Mario franchise (no way!)but from what I've read this milk will certainly be fresh from the cows utters.

The new Super Mario Bros. Wii game is a full Super Mario adventure game with a couple of twists. The new game has a guide system built in to help novice players enjoy the experience and varying levels of difficulty for more experienced players. This guide can consist of a computer AI or a player character that can join in the single player story mode at any time during your journey though worlds 1 to 8.

There are also two dedicated multilayer modes such as free-for-all where you can quickly selected any level from any world and play it thorough with your friends. Coin battle mode is where you compete for points and are ranked according to your total. The difference between the two is that in coin battle mode only coins increase your points. Things like stomping goombas and turtles will not.

This looks like a good reinvention of classic Super Mario Bros. that will bring some of the fun back to the franchise while keeping new comers to the game and veterans happy all around. Kinda makes me wish I still had my Wii....or a PSP GO.

Are you looking forward to Super Mario Bros. Wii?


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