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Microsoft to License Band Technology to Casio

posted Sunday Apr 9, 2017 by Scott Ertz

Microsoft to License Band Technology to Casio

When Microsoft released their initial Band hardware, stores sold out on launch day. In fact, through almost the entire first model, Microsoft couldn't produce them fast enough for the demand. Customers were so happy with their first generation that when the Band 2 was released, many upgraded to the new features. Around the time that a Band 3 was expected to be announced, there was silence from Microsoft.

In October of last year, news broke of a prototype Band 3 device with new features and a similar design to the Band 2 that had been abandoned. Microsoft confirmed the device and its cancelation, suggesting that the Band 3 that many owners were excited to own would never see the light of day. Happy customers were suddenly disappointed in a lack of a successor to their Bands.

This week, Microsoft announced their plans for continuing the legacy of the Microsoft Band technology, and it involves IP licensing. Rather than continuing to produce Band hardware themselves, Microsoft will license their technology to Casio, who plans to integrate the Microsoft technology into their future products. Hiroshi Okumura, GM of IP for Casio, said of this partnership,

Casio is committed to creating innovative products for all our customers, and this partnership builds on our longstanding relationship with Microsoft that's covered products and solutions ranging from industrial handheld terminals to business information systems.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that we will see a direct successor to the Microsoft Band produced by Casio, but it doesn't mean that we won't. The Band hardware was popular and cross-platform compatible, and the Band 3 has already completed the prototype phase. If the designs come along with the licensing deal, perhaps a direct successor would be a quick and powerful way to market, and one that would come with an existing customer base, so it could still be a possibility.

Do you own a previous Microsoft Band? If so, would you be excited about a Casio Band 3? Let us know in the comments.


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