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Lenovo to Reclaim Motorola Brand After Odd Moto Trial

posted Saturday Mar 4, 2017 by Scott Ertz

Lenovo to Reclaim Motorola Brand After Odd Moto Trial

One of the most iconic brands in mobile devices is Motorola. The brand made smartphones long before they were popular in the Q, they made a flip phone that was the envy of the entire industry in the RAZR and they even made a phone so popular that even Mercedes Benz built its accessories into their cars in the StarTAC.

Over the past few years, the brand has not been shown the respect it deserves. After Google purchased the company, they let it languish, only releasing mid-range phones. During that time, Google partnered with other manufacturers to produce its Nexus line of devices, rather than using their own Motorola hardware division. Unsurprisingly, the purchase never paid off for Google.

Lenovo decided to add the brand to their collection of device brands, including IBM's ThinkPad line. Unfortunately, shortly after the purchase, they decided to try a rebrand, going from the iconic Motorola to just Moto. Even after the change, devices were coming out with the original branding, continuing the confusion.

This week, Lenovo has announced that they plan to return Motorola and its name to its former glory. The Moto moniker is gone, and Motorola will return full-force. In fact, not only will existing and future devices out of the Motorola division receive the proper Motorola name, but will also phase out its other phone brands. That means that future phones will no longer have the Lenovo or ZUK brand names.

Luckily, they have learned their lesson, and will not phase those additional brands out immediately, but will instead raise the profile of Motorola in countries like Russia and China, where the Lenovo brand is better known, before making the transition complete.


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