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Amidst Troubles, Twitter COO Steps Away

posted Saturday Nov 12, 2016 by Scott Ertz

Amidst Troubles, Twitter COO Steps Away

Twitter has been in a bit of a freefall as of late. Poor earnings, layoffs and shutdowns have plagued the company, following an unsuccessful attempt to find a new owner for the company. This comes within a year in which executives have been leaving, including product head Kevin Weil, who left earlier this year.

Following Weil, this week Chief Operating Officer Adam Bain has left the company, effective immediately. Replacing him is Chief Financial Officer Anthony Noto, who has already stepped into the role. The departure comes at a difficult time for the company, which could either be made better by the departure or indicate a continued slide. Bain tweeted about his departure saying,

After 6 years and a once-in-a-lifetime run, I let Jack know that I am ready to change gears and do something new outside the company.

It will be interesting to see if this change in leadership will coincide with a change in direction. The immediate future could indicate whether Bain left the company because he disagreed with the direction the company is taking or because his direction was not the one the company wanted to follow.

Either way, whatever direction Twitter decides to go, hopefully it will work out for the company. It is time that Twitter understood who they are and where they are going, with a plan to become a profitable company - a goal that seems out of their grasp at this moment.


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