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Cell Phones of the Future-ama

posted Sunday Oct 11, 2009 by Jon Wurm

Cell Phones of the Future-ama

Here at PLuGHiTz Live! Radio, we certainly like to push the envelope and we certainly appreciate those who like to do the same with design concepts, especially when it comes to cell phones. This year at CEATEC, the Japanese equivalent to our Consumer Electronics Show, there were many interesting phone designs unveiled and yes they were everything you would expect to see from companies like Fujitsu who were responsible for many of the new designs this year but other such as NTT, DoCoMo and KDDI also contributed.

Chamelephone - This is a cool concept idea that you can pretty much guess from the name what it is. This phone designed by Hiroyuki Tabuchi would use something like OLED technology to mimic its surroundings and blend in. Don't get excited yet though. Science does not currently enable this to become a reality but I give it another 5 years and it might be fee sable. On the bright side it wont be any harder to lose your phone... for now.

F-Circle - True to it's name, this phone has rounded edges with a large circle shaped top display accompanied by a bottom rectangular keypad on the bottom. It definitely looks different that what many are used to seeing in phones but it does seem to be practical as well and the most realistic possibility of something we could see within the next year or two.

Fold-a-phone - Yes, this is a phone made from origami. The idea is cool but the practicality just isn't there in my opinion and besides the flexibility required for this technology just isn't here yet. I give Sachiko Munakata and Hanna Sahlen credit for thinking out of the box though because that is the whole point.

Folding Screen - This is my favorite phone of the line up. It is a phone with an ability to change its shape to fit around something like an arm. Now anyone that watches Futurama, and you should. Knows that Leela has a really awesome arm band that looks and might even function very similar to this. There isn't much other information available on this phone at the moment but I can not wait for something like this to become a reality.

There are more phones than what is discussed here so check out the link to find out more and see some pictures for the awesome designs and a glimpse into the future.

What type of design would you like to see next year?


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