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Next Bluetooth Version, Bluetooth 5, to Debut Next Week

posted Friday Jun 10, 2016 by Scott Ertz

Next Bluetooth Version, Bluetooth 5, to Debut Next Week

It was well into the second version of the standard before most people had ever heard the term Bluetooth, but today the wireless standard is becoming harder and harder to live without. Bluetooth headphones have become a norm; you can't go to the gym without seeing several pairs. Many people have their phone paired to their car for voice and data. Then of course there's the Internet of Things and connected homes, both of which rely on Bluetooth connectivity.

Next week the next major version of the Bluetooth standard will be revealed. Dubbed "Bluetooth 5," it is focusing on Internet of Things and location-based devices, and a technology needed to make those better. We will see range double and speed quadruple, as well as adding new capabilities for beacons and other non-pairing devices.

This is an important time for the technology. Smarthome and Internet of Things have never been more interesting than it is today, and as consumer demand grows so will the capabilities. Greater capabilities will mean more demand on connectivity.

Obviously there will be a lot more information available when the standard is revealed next week. But based on the tease we got this week, there is certainly a lot to be excited about.


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