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Amazon Readies Its Next Round of Pilots

posted Friday May 27, 2016 by Scott Ertz

Amazon Readies Its Next Round of Pilots

The video streaming market is fierce. What started with Netflix providing other people's content has become a whole new industry. The Big 3 continue to try to separate themselves from the pack, and a great way to do that is to produce original content.

While Netflix and Hulu tend to subscribe to a more traditional media approach, Amazon has looked to its customer base for feedback about future projects. Over the past few years Amazon has produced a number of pilots and asked its customers to vote on which ones to produce.

This method has produced a number of top quality, award winning shows. This week Amazon announced that its next collection of pilots will be available on June 17. While, like in the past, there are a number of children's shows, there are also 2 hour long adult programs.

The adult shows are both an hour long and feature showrunners with Academy Award nomination, as well as first rate acting talent, including Kelsey Grammar. How many of the shows get picked up for full seasons is entirely up to you. Make sure to watch them and give your feedback if you have Amazon Prime.


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