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The Incredible Venom

posted Sunday Oct 11, 2009 by Scott Ertz

The Incredible Venom

Do you remember how terrible the last Spider-Man movie was? Of course you do. We ALL do. After the movie, my hopes were that I would never encounter any of the content of that film again. Well, my hopes and dreams have been crushed because Columbia/Sony is working on a Venom solo movie.

The theory of a Venom film isn't terrible in itself. Venom is a pretty badass character, after all. However, the Venom that Sony setup in the last film was not so much. Still not enough to completely ruin the film, however. Here is the part that should guarentee a semi-unwatchable film. Variety reports:

The Venom, an arch enemy of the web-slinger in the Marvel Comics series, will be transformed into an anti-hero who becomes a defender of the innocent.

So, Venom as the good guy. This is not a new concept by any stretch. In the comic world, Venom became the protector of a community of homeless people being harassed by criminals. Clearly this movie will have to stand on its own, separate and apart from the previous Spider-Man film, because we all know what happened to Venom at the end, so this film is going to be a reboot of a franchise that has never gotten off the ground because of poor character development and an early execution of a pretty great character.

Obviously I am concerned about the quality of this upcoming project, but in fairness, I am still looking forward to seeing what Venom can do without being held back by Spider-Man. What do you guys think? Good film idea or bad? Let us known in the comments.

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