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EA Launches Origin Access for PC Gamers, Mimics EA Access for Xbox One

posted Sunday Jan 17, 2016 by Nicholas DiMeo

EA Launches Origin Access for PC Gamers, Mimics EA Access for Xbox One

EA has had its EA Access program available for the Xbox One for quite some time now. For $5 per month, or $40 for the year, you get free games, exclusive trials, early access to demos and discounts on game purchases. However for those on EA's Origin platform for PC, nothing like that existed. The company has its Great Game Guarantee, but giving gamers the ability to try games worry-free is a bigger benefit to some. So in order to give the community more flexibility, variety and value, EA has introduced Origin Access.

For $4.99 a month, Origin Access will bring gamers a full collection games, along with trials, demos and discounts, just like on Xbox One. The service is launching with 15 of EA's most popular titles, such as Battlefield 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Sims 3 and This War of Mine. EA says it will add more titles from both EA studios and indie developers over time, mimicking the service on its console counterpart. EA also has a link that contains the full game list.

While the details are simple, many gamers who had the service on the Xbox One were unaware of the full feature set. EA broke that down in a simple way for Origin Access. Users will be able to:

  • Play More - Explore The Vault where members can download and play full versions of more than a dozen great PC games.
  • Play First - Play EA's PC games for a limited time before they're released. All your stats and progress carry over if you decide to buy the game.
  • Play for Less - Save 10% on your Origin purchases - from full games and DLC to content packs and more.

Those interested can visit the Origin Store and sign up today. EA has also set up a FAQ page for those who have more questions.

Still not convinced? The gaming giant has enlisted the help of Bill Nye the Science Guy to produce a quick 43 second video about the service. It also contains multiverse theory.


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