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Australian Police Raid Home and Office of Man Suspected to be Bitcoin Creator

posted Monday Dec 14, 2015 by Nicholas DiMeo

Australian Police Raid Home and Office of Man Suspected to be Bitcoin Creator

A little over a year ago, the Bitcoin saga heated up when hackers threatened to reveal all information on who the founder of Bitcoin was. Even Newsweek jumped into the fray to try and pick up the scoop. In the end, nobody had the right amount of information and the man or woman behind Bitcoin is still anonymous. That was until this week, when the Australian police raided a home and office believed to be the man behind the crypto-currency.

Wired magazine reports that a dozen Australian federal agents busted down the door of a home that belongs to one Craig Steven Wright. Wired says that this is most likely the true man behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudoname that has been floating around online. Agents had a locksmith open the door Wednesday night in North Sydney. When a Reuters reporter got wind of the raid, they arrived onsite and asked an officer what was happening. The officer responded by saying the police were "clearing the house" and nothing more.

A second reporter made their way to an office in a Sydney suburb that is registered under Wright's name. Upon arrival, the reporter was blocked by Australian police, and one officer said that, "There's an operation going on at the moment, I can't answer any questions." The reporter said there were other officers talking with employees inside the building.

The raids came on the heels of two articles by both Wired and Gizmodo that revealed Wright as the man behind the coin. For record, Wright is the CEO of a company called DeMorgan Ltd, which is self-described as an entity that's centered around alternative forms of payments and currency. The Australian Federal Police have denied the relation between the articles and the raids, saying that, "presence at Mr. Wright's property is not associated with the media reporting overnight about bitcoins." The agency has not commented further on the matter, citing legal confidentiality.


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