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Microsoft Starts Putting Out OneDrive-Related Fires

posted Sunday Dec 13, 2015 by Scott Ertz

Microsoft Starts Putting Out OneDrive-Related Fires

While one might see Microsoft over the past few years as a company who has made some unpopular decisions, I prefer to see them as the company in the tech world that is best at listening to its customers. When they announced the always-on requirement of the Xbox One to allow for the power of always-on worlds, Sony convinced gamers that this was a scary scenario despite the fact that reports suggest the PS4 was intended to have the same feature. When the feedback came to Microsoft, they listened to what their customers were saying and removed the feature before launch.

Personally, I think it is great to see a company as large as Microsoft so interested in what their customers think. Responding to the Xbox situation or implementing the Insider program for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Office and even Solitaire all show a company completely dedicated to producing products that people are interested in using.

Last month, Microsoft made another unpopular announcement: the removal of several OneDrive capabilities, effective soon. Even diehard Microsoft fans were shocked and disappointed in the decision to remove the unlimited storage option, as well as the storage bonuses that many regular users had accumulated for being dedicated customers. Once again, Microsoft heard their customers and will be making changes to their plans before they are implemented.

In this case, OneDrive users who have accumulated bonuses on their accounts for things like auto-syncing their photos can keep those bonuses as well as their 15GB basic storage, but only if you act now. To keep your storage bonuses, you will need to go here and claim your bonuses for Microsoft to allow you to keep them. I would, of course prefer that all customers automatically retain these capabilities, but something is better than nothing. Implementing it this way will allow them to still revoke those bonuses for customers who do not use their accounts regularly, while still making regular users happier.


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