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Crackdown 3 Shows Off Power of Azure, Only Limited by ISP

posted Sunday Aug 16, 2015 by Nicholas DiMeo

Crackdown 3 Shows Off Power of Azure, Only Limited by ISP

As we fully move into current-gen gaming on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we're finally starting to see the consoles pushed more and more. For the Xbox One, the Azure cloud was supposed to make playing games more immersive and dynamic, however fans seemed to hate innovation when this feature set was announced back at E3 2013. Because of this, many games pulled back on using cloud services to improve gaming experiences, however some first-party titles were still taking advantage of the superior performance. This week, Reagent Games stamped their approval on cloud-backed gaming as well, saying that Crackdown 3 will be so intense, your only bottleneck will be your Internet service provider.

In an interview, Microsoft Studios' GM Shannon Loftis said that the power of the cloud is real. Crackdown 3 will take full advantage of it with the game's multiplayer destruction, and the servers that host the 100% destructable cities can scale up and down, using more server power when needed. The only thing Microsoft and Reagent can't guarantee, however, is the connection between you and your ISP, which may limit how much chaos you will witness while playing.

We can ensure that what leaves the data center is in a particular state, but not what happens between then and when it gets to people's houses. There's code on the client side that ensures that all the instances stay synced and that you're seeing what I see and that it all runs smoothly.

It's worth mentioning here that the studio is saying that you will be affected; it's just saying that it might be a problem if you have a much slower connection than your peers in-game. Considering the fact that at Gamescom, we saw Crackdown 3 in all its glory leveraging the cloud, the game has already proven that it drives the Xbox One into being an insanely powerful console. Maybe this will be the game that finally pushes developers back to harnassing the tools that Microsoft gave them to really make this generation of consoles mean something.


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