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Microsoft Begins to Fulfill Promises of Gaming for Windows 10 at Launch

posted Saturday Aug 1, 2015 by Scott Ertz

Microsoft Begins to Fulfill Promises of Gaming for Windows 10 at Launch

It might be the game titles that hardcore gamers might be wanting to hear about, but it is an important market to capture: casual, mobile games. It is a market that Windows 8 certainly had trouble wooing toward its platform, with few of the major publishers bringing their games to the platform. Clearly either the marketing from the company, or the one-on-one partnerships they have cultivated, are working.

As Windows 10 officially launched this week, one of the major players in the mobile gaming space has announced 4 titles coming to Windows 10. Game Insight is probably best known for their Paradise Island and The Tribez games, but they offer a full lineup of games on the mobile platforms. Some of those games, including new titles, will be heading their way to Windows 10's gaming section. Those games are Running Shadow, Paradise Island 2, The Tribez & Castlez and Maritime Kingdom.

Running Shadow is the company's take on the classic runner genre, which has become incredibly popular on mobile devices with games from Temple Run to Disney-themed takes. Game Insight adds a bit of RPG to the mix, standing out in an overly crowded space. Paradise Island 2 is a new version of their existing franchise, which is like a Sim City-style travel world simulator. The Tribez & Castlez is a fantasy-set city builder and combat game, and Maritime Kingdom is a sea-based city builder.

These games will be in addition to the existing titles from the company already available on Windows. The difference will be that these games will all be full HD, with Running Shadow being the first 3D title. Anatoly Ropotov, CEO, said,

Our portfolio of games on the Windows platform is expanding quickly, and has already reached over 14 million players. In the coming months we'll be introducing new genres with impressive 3D graphics and gameplay that will help us continue to provide the best possible experience for users on the platform.

Hopefully this is just the beginning of what is to come for gaming on Windows 10.


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