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YouTube to Broadcast Own Halftime Show During the Large Container Game

posted Sunday Jan 25, 2015 by Nicholas DiMeo

YouTube to Broadcast Own Halftime Show During the Large Container Game

Tired of the same boring halftime show at the Super Bowl? Is "lights turned off because drama" just another played out scenario to you? Well, if you're looking for an alternative during the excruciatingly long halftime show, then you may want to look towards YouTube to fill those 45 minutes.

YouTube, in an attempt to maintain relevancy and market share, has decided to spin up a halftime show of its own in order to show off some of the website's offerings. Harley Morenstein from the crazy popular EpicMealTime channel on YouTube will be heading up the event as emcee, and the program will contain musical guests, skits, stunts and fake Super Bowl advertisements.

YouTube Space LA will play home to the video-streaming performance, where Morenstein will be joined by the likes of Freddie Wong, Toby Turner and others. In total, all of the creators' channels total more than 60 million subscribers, which YouTube is hoping will help them make this show a success. The site is banking so heavily on this being a hit that it has even thrown up billboards in major metropolitan areas in order to bring more attention to the event.

Google's managing director of brand solutions, Suzie Reider, said that she thinks it'll be interesting to compare the stats of YouTube's show with the ratings from NBC's halftime show.

It's a really good place to showcase our celebrities, our talent and our creator. It will be fun afterwards to see what was Freddie Wong's draw compared to Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz.

Reider also added that the show will be more geared towards those who will be watching the Super Bowl for the ads, rather than the game. So if you're in that group, then this might be something you'll want to bring up on your mobile device while the rest of us see how deflated the Seahawks can get.

I'm curious myself to see how well this does against NBC's star-studded performance. Do enough people still care about YouTube to visit an appointment-based show on an on-demand site? YouTube Live hasn't seen too much success in total viewer count, and that may end up trickling down into the YouTubeapalooza on February 1st.


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