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Nintendo 'Winding Down' Club Nintendo Reward Program

posted Saturday Jan 24, 2015 by Scott Ertz

Nintendo 'Winding Down' Club Nintendo Reward Program

This is the end of an era: after 6 years of running within the US, Nintendo has announced that they will be ending their Club Nintendo rewards program. For those unfamiliar, the program rewards coins for performing certain actions, such as registering games or completing surveys. Those coins can then be used to purchase Nintendo-related items, such as Virtual Console downloads or clothing items.

While an interesting idea in concept, the implementation has always left a lot to be desired. Coins were rare, and difficult to collect enough of to be eligible for any reward that mattered. The best rewards were reserved for gold or platinum members, which was even more difficult to become. Those who were eligible for rewards were often left without them because of timelines and other odd requirements that were missed.

The program will be phased out in stages between now and July 1, 2015. New products will no longer be eligible for Club Nintendo rewards beginning now. March 31 will see the end of earning new coins, either for registering products whose codes you already have or for taking surveys, as well as the end of new sign-ups. June 30 will see the end of redeeming any remaining coins, with all data vanishing on July 1.

While it seems like a loss, it isn't so much. Club Nintendo will be replaced by a "new program" which, hopefully, will work better than the current implementation. With the new program, one can hope that the Japanese-exclusive rewards, the ones that everyone always actually wanted, will come to and end and we will see prizes in the US that people actually want.


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