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Masked Player Owned All Competitors in Smash Bros. Tournament

posted Saturday Nov 22, 2014 by Scott Ertz

Masked Player Owned All Competitors in Smash Bros. Tournament

One of the best parts of the release of a new Super Smash Bros. game is the resurgence of tournaments, which are always fun. One of these launch-related tournaments was one for Super Smash Bros. Melee in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that went quite unexpectedly. One contestant, who is only known as Falcomaster3000, competed in the 9 hour tournament without ever speaking. He registered for the tournament by signaling the use of a pen at the registration desk. He also wore a black ski mask the entire day.

If this unnamed, unidentified, masked competitor wasn't weird enough, it turns out his name was accurate. It turns out that the Falcomaster3000 WAS indeed a Falco master. After 9 hours of competition, Falcomaster3000 was the winner. In fact, it was fairly clear that, until the finals, this guy was never even challenged in his play. During those times he would choose Marth or Fox instead of his beloved Falco.

After finally winning, the crowd chanted for him to "take it off," which he did not do. Instead, still without speaking or unveiling his face, Falcomaster3000 left as mysteriously as he had arrived and played. There is no telling if this was some sort of plant, or a legit player who just wanted to mess with a room full of people; either way, it sure lit up Reddit.

Check out a video from someone who was there after the break.


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