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360 Not Media Ad-Friendly Enough

posted Saturday Sep 19, 2009 by Scott Ertz

360 Not Media Ad-Friendly Enough

One of the most popular downloads on the Xbox 360 is the series The Guild from Felicia Day. With the popularity of the show, and the huge response to it on Xbox Live, we have all been wondering when we will see more independently produced video content in the marketplace. The answer is, not anytime soon.

It breaks down like this: the 360 was not designed to inject advertising into video content, so the only way for Microsoft to provide the content is to find a single, major advertising partner, like Sprint in this case. The chances of finding a major corporate sponsor for an independent production, however, are slim.

I personally think that web shows on the 360 would be incredibly successful, if given the right marketing setup and advertising. In fact, we might even produce a show if Microsoft get the system up and running.

What do you think? Would you watch unique programming on the Xbox 360 if it was offered?


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