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Xbox One to Finally Get White Console

posted Saturday Aug 16, 2014 by Scott Ertz

Xbox One to Finally Get White Console

One of the things I have wanted since the original announcement for the Xbox One was a white version of the console. My Xbox 360 has always been white, so for me Xbox consoles should be white. It is, of course, just a personal preference, but one that I share with others. A white console was manufactured, but they were a special edition that was reserved for Xbox team, not the public.

At Gamescom this week, Microsoft finally revealed a publicly available white Xbox One. In addition to being the first publicly available white console, it will also be one of two special edition consoles released this holiday. The bundle, retailing for $399, will come complete with a matching white controller and the much-anticipated Sunset Overdrive. Other than the color, though, there is nothing particularly special about this bundle. You will still get 500GB of storage and no Kinect sensor, meaning you will have to add one (available only in black) later. You will receive special Day One game content, though. The bundle launches the day of the game, October 28th, but you can pre-order yours right now.

This is not the only new bundle announced by Microsoft this week. Sitting alongside the Sunset Overdrive special edition comes a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Limited Edition Xbox One. This one is quite a bit different from the other bundle, though. Instead of a solid color, this console and controller pair will be completely customized - half matte black, half matte grey, with gold accents to match the game's branding. There are also be graphics on both the console and controller to make it match the game even better.

In addition to the physical design, you will get in-game sounds, special content plus, of course, the game itself. What is truly unique, though, is that you will also be rewarded with a 1TB hard drive. This is the first time the Xbox One will be available with 1TB of internal storage; normally you would have to attach external storage to accomplish this. With the proliferation of digital content, more storage is always better. What you will still not get is a Kinect sensor, though the price is that of the standard Kinect bundle: $499. The console releases the day before the game, November 3, but is available for preorder now.

Are either of these special edition consoles what you have been waiting for to pick up an Xbox One? Let us know in the comments.


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