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EA Says Madden Sales Suck

posted Saturday Sep 12, 2009 by Scott Ertz

EA Says Madden Sales Suck

We all know that Microsoft and Sony dropped the prices of their consoles. We all knew what this meant for hardware sales - more consoles. What we didn't know about was how it would affect software sales. Well, EA knows - they suck. This year's headline title, Collinsworth Madden NFL 10 sold 400,000 less copies than last year's version.

Now, what is really interesting about these numbers, however, is not that sales are down. All sales of everything are down right now. What is really interesting is that sales for the 360 and PS3 are pretty much even year-over-year. The biggest losses came on the Wii and PS2. In fact, the PS2 had almost 75% of the total loss itself, with 265,000 less units this year.

So, what does this say? It could be that EA's best-known franchise is just plain under-performing. I believe, though, that it shows that people are less willing to purchase bigger games on smaller consoles. The graphics are much better and the response time is much more stable on the 2 main consoles, plus you get lots of features you just can't have on a device without built-in storage.

So, what do you think? Slumping sales or abandoning smaller hardware?


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