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Yahoo Kills More Projects, Again

posted Friday Jul 4, 2014 by Scott Ertz

Yahoo Kills More Projects, Again

Since Marissa Mayer took over Yahoo, the company has seen a lot of changes. From product makeovers to acquisitions and even entirely new features, today's Yahoo is very different from the day Marissa became CEO. One of her biggest staples has been closing up products that are no longer serving their purpose or would be better served in another Yahoo product.

This week Yahoo announced another round of products closures. Most notable is Xobni, a company that Yahoo purchased only a year ago. The service, which provided smart email features, will be merged into Yahoo's existing email offering. This includes their people-centric search, which allows you to view both sent and received emails from a person, and auto-suggest, which predicts who you're going to send the email to.

Other closing products are

  • - Bookmarking tool. Integrated into Yahoo Toolbar and Yahoo Extension for Chrome.
  • Newlook - Virtual makeover tool. No replacement.
  • Research Reports - Yahoo Finance report generator. No replacement.
  • Yahoo People Search - Separate search engine for people. Integrated into standard Yahoo Search.
  • Yahoo Shine - A health and living site. Integrated into other Yahoo digital magazines.
  • Yahoo Toolbar for Chrome - Replaced by Yahoo Extension for Chrome.
  • Yahoo Voices and Contributors Network - Yahoo content contribution system. Yahoo now curates its content; no replacement.

With resources from these products freed up Marissa can continue to focus on Yahoo's new focus services. For example, Yahoo Video, which recently saved cancelled NBC series Community and has access to the entire Saturday Night Live catalog. She will also be able to focus resources on Yahoo Mail which, after its remodel, received less than favorable reviews.

Are you a user of any of these products and services? Do you think Mayer's approach to revitalizing Yahoo is correct? Sound off in the comments.


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