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Crytek UK Fails to Pay Employees, Sees Walkouts

posted Friday Jul 4, 2014 by Scott Ertz

Crytek UK Fails to Pay Employees, Sees Walkouts

There are not a lot of studios that you can really credit with pushing the boundaries of gaming. One who deserves that honor however is Crytek. The studio is responsible for the Crysis series, which was for years used as the benchmark for computing power, as well as the Ryse series in the original Far Cry.

Unfortunately it appears at the studio has come under some financial hardships. The sequel to Ryse has been canceled, and apparently some employees have not been paid. As a result around 100 employees have stopped coming into work after filing formal grievances.

Based on the size of the studio, that leaves very few people left in the office. With so few resources that will make finishing Homefront: The Revolution next to impossible. Publishing the game however would add money back into the coffers, something that is obviously very needed.

So, will Crytek abandon everything and go the way of the pet rock, or will they find a way to get Homefront finished, with the hope of turning around the company? My guess is that we will know the answer to that sooner than later.


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