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Iwata and Miyamoto Remain Onboard Nintendo Board

posted Saturday Jun 28, 2014 by Scott Ertz

Iwata and Miyamoto Remain Onboard Nintendo Board

It's no secret Nintendo is in some trouble. Their last fiscal year was the first time they ever lost money. The Wii U is their first home console to ever have sales trouble. They also just lost a patent suit over the Wiimote. With the trend like that you expect the company to make somebody pay for it.

That somebody will not be President Satoru Iwata. Nor will it be Senior Managing Director Shigeru Miyamoto. Both of these men, who are high profile for the company, were reelected to the board of directors.

The election comes after a couple of changes in direction for the company. First, sales of the Wii U have spiked, thanks in large part to Mario Kart 8. In addition, at this year's E3 presentation, Nintendo made a great showing with the number of surprises. For example, the inclusion of Miis into the next Super Smash Brothers game was incredibly well received. While not exactly the same as including Reggie Fils-Aime, it did shock and impress players.

It is possible that this change of sales and change of press helped retain the company's new direction, including their senior leadership. For me, both Iwata and Miyamoto are a big reason why the company has been successful in the past. If there are changes are helping to bring the company back to its roots, I think letting them finish the journey is a good decision.

If these changes are unable to sell more Wii U consoles at the launch of Super Smash Brothers, though, I might be writing a different type of article this time next year.


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