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Samsung to Replace Android on Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

posted Saturday May 31, 2014 by Scott Ertz

Samsung to Replace Android on Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

This week Samsung made a move to bring it one step closer to its ultimate goal of being Android-free. The move will see the original Galaxy Gear smartwatch replace Android with Samsung's own Tizen operating system. This will bring the original hardware in line with the newer Galaxy 2 and Galaxy 2 Neo.

Part of the reason Samsung is making this move is to help ensure that its original hardware is not running a dead platform. While the original, highly skinned version of Android is functional, it doesn't give any reason for new developers to create software for it. By moving to Tizen, the same platform that the other smartwatches run, they will be able to run all of the same software assuming that they have the sensors to support all of the features.

Another reason for Samsung to abandon Android on this platform is because of Samsung's open dislike of how Google runs Android. While their smartphone transition has been a little slower than expected, Samsung has been on the path to move from Android to Tizen entirely. By updating the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, it brings them a little closer to not having to support Android any longer.

In addition to the clear reasons for Samsung to move to Tizen, there are reasons for you as well. In addition to better battery life, you also see the ability to save music directly to the device and play without being connected to a phone added; features that are already available on the newer hardware.

So, with new features, the ability for new apps and less reliance on Android, this seems like a win for everyone involved. Have you gotten the new update? If so, let us know what you think below.


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