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Harmonix Defies Odds, Funds Amplitude Sequel

posted Saturday May 24, 2014 by Scott Ertz

Harmonix Defies Odds, Funds Amplitude Sequel

In 2003, Harmonix, the company that brought us Dance Central and Rock Band, launched a little-known music game called Amplitude. The game came out during the height of the rhythm movement. It was it truly unique game in an industry filled with Konami copycats like Guitar Hero. It had some success, but not enough to keep the franchise alive.

That changed recently when the company launched a Kickstarter to fund its first sequel. Early this week the campaign was $500,000 behind its needed goal with only days to go. In an unexpected turn of events, the campaign was fully funded just in the nick of time, surpassing its $775,000 goal by $75,000.

Now this doesn't suggest a return to a full, crowded rhythm gaming marketplace, but it does suggest a die-hard group of people who are still interested in playing rhythm games. With Activision's complete abandonment of the market this gave Harmonix the ability to jump in with this new sequel.

Personally, as a formerly overactive member of the Dance Dance Revolution community, as well as all things rhythm, I was excited to see Harmonix give this title another try. I spent hours playing the original, and had always hoped to see it come back around some day.

Were you a rhythm gamer? What was your favorite title? Let us know in the comments.


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