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More Xbox One Updates Coming in June

posted Friday May 23, 2014 by Nicholas DiMeo

More Xbox One Updates Coming in June

Last week on our show, we talked about upcoming changes to the Xbox One and how Microsoft has completely lost the original vision and true innovation of the next-generation console. Despite all of that though, the Xbox team announced a couple more updates coming in June that will prove useful to those who already have or are considering picking up an Xbox One.

Major Nelson took to the Xbox Wire to let us know that coming in June, along with free games and other perks for Xbox One gamers, the addition of the long-awaited external storage support and being able to add a real name to your GamerTag so friends know who you are. Also added to the laundry list of June add-ons is new SmartGlass features, like OneGuide and Universal Remote Control, select an account for automatic sign-in, and for those in Canada and Europe, more TV, SmartGlass and voice commands and features.

The ability to have the Xbox One support external storage devices has been something gamers have been screaming for since the console was launched. Considering that the Xbox 360 has been able to do that for some time now, it's been frustrating for users. Luckily, Xbox One is coming into external storage support with a bang, with the ability to read up to two external drives at one. The only caveat is that is must be 256GB or larger, but with USB 3.0, you can copy and move games and apps to and from the drives as you wish. And, now that drives can be swapped and content can be moved, heading over to your friend's house with your games is even easier. All you have to do is sign in to Xbox Live if you downloaded the game digitally or put the disc in if you purchased the physical game and the console will be able to read the game install on the external drive without a hitch. Yes, this also includes any DLC you may have downloaded as well.

June will also finally give you a way to recognize friends who have changed GamerTags without telling you about it. It's even harder on the Xbox One where you can have 1,000 friends and a limitless number of followers. Gamers have the option of adding their real name to their Xbox Live profile, and they can also choose to show it to just friends, friends of friends, or nobody at all. Major Nelson also made sure to mention that your real name won't ever show up in-game and you can change the privacy settings at any time.

Lastly, SmartGlass gets looked after with a "ton of changes" to the SmartGlass app for Xbox One. All of your TV listings will be able to be displayed right on your smartphone, tablet or Windows 8 device. You will also be able to pick and choose your favorite channels and even your favorite apps, and with Xbox's Universal Remote Control, you can then change channels, choose shows or movies to record or play your recordings saved on your DVR. The SmartGlass app can now reorder your pins, too. Categorize and move your favorite pins to the order that makes sense for you and the changes will reflect on the Xbox One.

The SmartGlass app will give a nod to gamers on top of it being a media and entertainment delight. Check out your friends' activities, check out hero stats and achievements, and even watch broadcasts of your friends' games on select devices. All of the stuff you used to do on the console now becomes a seamless experience in your lap.

Are you excited about the improvements Xbox has announced over the past few weeks, even after it being a completely different vision than initially planned? Why or why not? We want to know in the comments section below.


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