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Xbox Music to Rival Amazon and Google with OneDrive-like Music Storage

posted Saturday May 17, 2014 by Nicholas DiMeo

Xbox Music to Rival Amazon and Google with OneDrive-like Music Storage

For those of you familiar with our show, you'll know that we talk a lot about Xbox Music, the popular Microsoft music-streaming service that was introduced with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. It's a great service, with a lot of incredible features and the largest music catalog in the industry. Now, Xbox Music could be ready to take on its competitors by introducing cloud-based music storage.

Think of it like OneDrive but for music. LiveSino has found some source code hidden in OneDrive's site that leads to a possibility of a OneDrive Music folder. It would make sense to add this feature to a service that already exists and lives between all your connected devices.

In the source code there's also a small description of the service.

Meet your OneDrive Music folder. Upload your music files to this folder, so that you can play them via Xbox Music from any of your devices. You can also add files to this folder using the OneDrive app for your computer.

Something like being able to automatically upload unmatched songs to OneDrive for play across all your devices would certain put Google and Amazon's lockers to shame. I'd just hope that we would see the space you fill up not come out of your existing OneDrive storage, even if you did take advantage of the extra 100GB, because that was only available to US users.

It finally feels like Xbox Music is almost on pace with what the Zune Music Pass used to be. What's good about this is that Xbox Music features a lot of today's technology while embracing what brought Microsoft to the dance in the first place, which was Zune. Say what you will about the media player, which I still hold the Zune HD as hands-down the best MP3 player, but the software, Smart DJ and Music Pass were unmatched in the space and surely ahead of the times. Plus, let's not forget, you can get Xbox Music on Windows, Android, iOS and the Web, so it doesn't matter where you are or what you have; you can use experience your music library however you want. Xbox Music does not discriminate based on age, color, creed or mobile platform.


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