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GameFly Tests DVDs-by-Mail Service

posted Sunday Mar 9, 2014 by Nicholas DiMeo

GameFly Tests DVDs-by-Mail Service

GameFly, the popular video game rental service, has decided to take on Netflix and will start offering DVDs by mail. Dubbed GF Movies *beta, GameFly members can now rent both games and movies under one service.

GameFly's CEO Dave Hodess said that, "We're viewing this as a test based feedback we've received from subscribers who asked for it." GF Movies *beta is already in place and is currently being rolled out only to 2-Game Plan or above members. Beginning April 4th, GameFly will be shipping movies to users who have added selections to their GameQ. Offering both DVDs and Blu-ray, once an open slot is available, the first game or movie will be sent off, just like games are handled currently.

For those on the 1-Game Plan, GameFly says that those customers are "more than welcome" to upgrade to a 2-Game Plan to try GF Movies *beta. GameFly also said that the company is looking to just test the waters with this rollout, which is why it does not offer a movies-only plan or a huge selection of movies.

We will be monitoring closely the GF Movies *beta program and will consider offering a movies-only plan in the future. (But) yes, we are planning to add more titles as the GF Movies *beta program expands.

The question is, will this work? It does make sense for GameFly to get involved in also offering movies on top of its already-respected games-by-mail service. With both the logistics and warehouses in place, adding in another line of inventory seems to be an easy one. However, how many customers requested this feature for GameFly to start testing it out? I would imagine there would've been a larger amount to justify a change like this, but the program is only in a "beta" mode so we might not see it go nationwide.

Adversely, Netflix tried to get away from DVDs a few years ago, a move that didn't work for the video-streaming and by-mail company. Netflix did cite that higher shipping costs would hopefully see the company doing away with DVDs completely, however GameFly seems content and ready to jump in, excited at the possibility of gaining and retaining more customers.

What do you think? Will this be a flop or success for GameFly? Let us know in the comments below.


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