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Sony Loves the Chrome

posted Saturday Sep 5, 2009 by Scott Ertz

Sony Loves the Chrome

Google's Chrome web browser has been a semi-big hit. Although it only holds 3% of the Internet browsing market, it still holds the number 3 spot behind Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox. IE and FF hold these places because so many computers come with them already installed. If you have a Windows machine, you already have IE, and many manufacturers have added FF to their pre-installed lineup as well.

That is all about to change, though, because Sony has decided to bundle Chrome on their new computers. This makes me believe that Sony has already struck up a deal with Google to start including the Google Chrome OS on their netbooks once Google is ready to launch the new Cloud-based operating system.

This could certainly spell doom for both Internet Explorer and Firefox, both of which have had some troubles in the last few years. IE has always had its bad-points, but no version has upset people like IE 8. The problems are bad enough that Microsoft created a custom META tag that can be added to a website to force IE8 to act like IE7. FF, on the other hand, has rendering problems of its own. Neither browser handles CSS properly or conforms to web standards, so providing your customers with another choice right off might switch a lot of people away from either.


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