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Xbox Entertainment Studios Adds to Its Talent Collection

posted Saturday Jan 25, 2014 by Scott Ertz

Xbox Entertainment Studios Adds to Its Talent Collection

Microsoft is taking its commitment to entertainment seriously. First we have the obvious enhancement to the entertainment platform on Xbox One, which has received a special place in history for acknowledging the way people used their Xbox 360 and still getting insulted for doing so. Then came the Xbox-exclusive documentary series, headlined by the history of Atari.

When it comes to exclusive, in-house content, we also learned during Microsoft's E3 2013 press conference that a Halo franchise TV production was in the works, with Stephen Spielberg at the helm. That isn't where the story ends, however, as Microsoft has picked up another well-known program developer to add to the Xbox Entertainment Studios family: Ari Mark.

Mark is known for his work in creating Comic Book Men, Game of Arms (which will debut shortly), The Pitch and Talking Dead, all for AMC. There is no exact word from Microsoft or Mark on exactly what his responsibilities will be, though XES has said he will be in charge of unscripted content, something he obviously has a lot of experience with.

Among his expected duties will be overseeing XES's documentary series, in which Simon and Jonathan Chinn are involved. Hopefully XES will also be looking to expand its original programming with unscripted series focused around Microsoft-related franchises, such as a Talking Dead-style show surrounding the new Halo TV series.

There is a lot of content in the Microsoft world that could make for good unscripted content. What would you like to see brought the platform? Give us your suggestions in the comments.


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