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RUMOR: Grand Theft Auto V in 2010?

posted Saturday Sep 5, 2009 by Scott Ertz

RUMOR: Grand Theft Auto V in 2010?

It seems like we just went through the hustle and bustle of the Grand Theft Auto IV release. And we can't even escape the clutches of GTA4 now, with the release of The Ballad of Gay Tony coming out next month as DLC, and The Lost and Damned already available to download. This holiday, these two pieces of DLC will be released as a standalone, download-free game.

Now, analysts from Wedbush Morgan are predicting that we will see Grand Theft Auto V next year. Certainly an interesting prediction, and possibly one that could come true. I, however, think that they are probably incorrect, and here is why. First, let's start with the whole first paragraph of this article.

Secondly, Take Two usually makes a huge deal about themselves when a GTA title is coming, and we have heard nothing from them as of yet. Third, Take Two are still making a lot of money off of the current title, and why spend more development cash when you can ride out what you already have, right?

Personally, I wouldn't mind a new full GTA title, but I don't think we'll see it next year. What about you guys? Think it's time they announce a new GTA game?


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