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Green Lantern Delayed by Economy?

posted Saturday Aug 29, 2009 by Scott Ertz

Green Lantern Delayed by Economy?

The Green Lantern was set to get going in Australia, lured there by a lot of tax incentives from the Australian government. Martin Campbell (director) had already scouted out locations in Sydney and Melbourne. Then, the unexpected happened. Australia's economy got stronger and their dollar rose in value. This means that filming in the exact same locations is going to cost the studio between $15 and 25 million more. Eek. According to InsideFilm:

The value of the Australian dollar has climbed by more than 16 per cent since the State Labor government announced the deal to film at Fox Studios in mid-April. The big-budget Hollywood blockbuster was expected to create around 500 local jobs, including 100 performers and 200 crew.

As of right now, this hasn't caused any schedule delays. The film is still scheduled to launch June 17, 2011, but we will still keep an eye on how this develops and keep you posted.


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