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Goodbye 360 Pro

posted Saturday Aug 29, 2009 by Scott Ertz

Goodbye 360 Pro

It's official. This week, Microsoft confirmed rumors that the 360 would be getting a price cut, just hours before it happened. And, just as I predicted, the 360 Pro is no more. Xbox 360 Elite will be replacing the Pro in the $299 price point, and the Pro will be at $249 until the console is sold out, at which time it is done.

I do understand that Microsoft has seen the need for more internal storage and therefore the Elite is much better suited for today's gaming needs, but it seems odd to me that the Pro is the model leaving us, not the Arcade, and it is for the very same reason. The Arcade has very little internal storage, whereas the Pro at least has 60GB (which is better than the Premium that only had 20GB and was replaced by the Pro). If it had been my decision, I would have replaced the Arcade with the Pro, and the Pro with the Elite and nixed the Arcade.

What do you think about all this? Good move for Microsoft, or should the days of the Arcade be over?


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