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Nokia Emphasizes Its Future in Software With New Lineup

posted Wednesday Oct 23, 2013 by Scott Ertz

Nokia Emphasizes Its Future in Software With New Lineup

In what is expected to be the final hardware presentation from the company before joining the Microsoft family, Nokia showed exactly who they are and, more importantly, who they will be after the transition. At their Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi, Nokia showed off 6 new devices while still focusing on the software that will be their future.

Being a company on the transition from hardware manufacturer to software developer, Nokia wanted to make sure we all knew they had things well at hand. With a collection of new software services coming in the next few weeks and months, these were the 4 that really stood out.

Nokia Camera

This is a combination of 2 existing Nokia apps: Nokia Pro Camera and Nokia Smart Camera. The camera app offers easy automatic mode, but a full range of customizations, including focus, shutter speed and ISO. It also integrates the abilities of Smart Burst where you can choose the best of several rapid-fired shots, removing moving objects and action shots.

Nokia Camera also brings DNG or raw file, support to the Windows Phone platform. The app is available right now for all Nokia PureView camera powered Lumia phones and will be coming to the rest of the family during Nokia's Lumia Black update next year.

Nokia Storyteller

This odd app brings your photos and videos together with Nokia HERE location services to map your adventures. You can see your photos clustered together into areas you have frequented, or at least taken a lot of photos within, plus view the photos full-screen, and everything in-between.

Want to know what was around you while taking a photo? Simply zoom out from the photo and see the image mapped with HERE Maps, including point of interest. You can even view your SkyDrive and Facebook photos within the app, bringing all of your adventures, or misadventures, to life in a new and possibly interesting way.

Nokia Video Director

With the launch of Windows 8.1, Microsoft also launched Movie Moments, a Modern UI powered app designed for editing videos. The biggest limitation of the app is the 60 second timeline. Nokia decided that was unacceptable and brings us Video Director instead.

Import your videos to your Lumia 2520 and edit clips together or apart and add music to create family movies quickly. The app will be available on the 2520 at launch, but hopefully might become generally available to the Windows Store once Nokia's devices business joins Microsoft next year.

Nokia Beamer

This was the feature that I have waited for and never thought would arrive. Nokia Beamer allows you to share your Lumia screen to any Internet-connected device. The best part is the lack of required pairing - simply follow a link on the viewing screen and voila, a shared Lumia screen. Send the URL via SMS, Email, Twitter, Facebook or even QR code for nearby sharing.

The app will be coming soon to all PureView capable Lumia phones and truly positions the Lumia as the top phone for business. Combined with the included Microsoft Office, you can share Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote screens with almost no hassle. Definitely a bright star in a sea of attempted business-focused products for other platforms.


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