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Microsoft Makes Games with Gold a Permanent Feature

posted Saturday Oct 19, 2013 by Scott Ertz

Microsoft Makes Games with Gold a Permanent Feature

Since first announcing Games with Gold at E3 2013 as a temporary program designed to reward loyal, paying customers with free titles, the program, as originally pitched, was to last through the end of the year and to be retired.

Well, after a successful run of almost 5 months, Microsoft has announced that Games with Gold will be a permanent feature of the Xbox 360. Apparently when a program brings about 120 million hours of gameplay, it is worth keeping. Personally, I have downloaded and played several of the titles made available through the program, so I am glad it will remain.

The question this leaves for most is, will Games with Gold be available on Xbox One? Most of the titles available through the program thus far have been older AAA titles. On the new console, there will not be any older AAA titles, at least not ones that were intended for the Xbox One. Microsoft could make Xbox 360 titles available for free on the One, but that might not get the same response.

Personally, I do not expect the Xbox One to have Games with Gold at launch, especially with launch titles getting delayed. Providing something for free when there are fewer than expected paid titles will not make the console a financial success. That being said, it might gain Microsoft some needed positive press in an environment where the Internet and most gaming press are deciding against the new console.

What do think? Will Games for Gold come to the One at launch? Let us know in the comments section.


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