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France Concerned About Exploding iPhones

posted Saturday Aug 29, 2009 by Scott Ertz

France Concerned About Exploding iPhones

There is something happening in France that is causing their iPhones to explode. Let me give you a minute to let that sink in. Now that you have the image of a guy in a beret whose iPhone just exploded, let me continue. The problem is so big, apparently, that the French government has met with Apple about the problem. iLounge reported:

French consumer affairs minister Herve Novelli met with Michel Coulomb, commercial director of Apple France, earlier today to discuss the proliferation of 'exploding' iPhone reports in the country. Following the meeting,Novelli corroborated a statement from Apple claiming that none of the affected phones tested thus far exhibited battery problems, and instead show that the cracked screens were related to external pressure exerted on the devices. When asked about potential responsibility for the issues, Novelli said it was 'too early to blame anyone,' and said the two agreed to stay in contact, with Apple informing Novelli about the results of the other tests.

I think the problem stems from an electrical disturbance in the atmosphere placed there by aliens. What do you guys think?


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