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Nvidia to Enter the Tablet Business Next [Rumor]

posted Saturday Aug 10, 2013 by Scott Ertz

Nvidia to Enter the Tablet Business Next [Rumor]

On the heels of the recent launch of the SHIELD, Nvidia is making the rounds on the rumor mill with the possibility of a tablet. The Tegra Tab, as it is expected to be called from a trademark filing, is a pretty reasonable and expected next step for the company.

The company reported earnings that were higher than predictions, but revenues that were not. They also reported a massive drop in the Tegra division, despite powering a number of high profile tablets, including the Surface RT. In fact, the next generation Surface RT was accidentally tipped by Nvidia's CEO, mentioning that they will, once again, be spearheaded by the company.

Developing a Tegra-branded tablet could help the company in a similar way to how Microsoft used the Surface. Creating a tablet that specifically shows off a particular feature, in Microsoft's case a new Windows form factor and in Nvidia's case a processor, could help build manufacturer interest in the product.

Challenging the industry can often lead to good things, so Nvidia showing the industry what can be done will hopefully encourage manufacturers to use their processor instead of the collection from Qualcomm and other ARM architecture procs.


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