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Microsoft Unveils New Xbox One Details

posted Saturday Aug 10, 2013 by Scott Ertz

Microsoft Unveils New Xbox One Details

This has been a big week for information on Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One console. First, an updated version of the Xbox Live Gold features listing has shown some of the advertised features of the new console that will only be available to Gold subscribers.

As anyone who has ever used an Xbox product would have guessed, the list includes Skype, SmartMatch and OneGuide. Since Skype is replacing Windows Live Messenger, which was shut down in favor of Skype overall, it was logical that it would maintain the same placement that its predecessor did. SmartMatch is an online gaming feature, which requires Gold, so we will skip that one. OneGuide is a media-related feature, most of which already require Gold, so we will skip that one, too.

The feature that seems to have people confused is the Game DVR. The feature, which was shown off in-depth at this year's E3 press conference, has been one of great focus for the so-called gaming media. That focus has changed with this announcement, however. Somehow, people who claim to be professional gaming journalists are surprised that a feature to engage socially via recorded gameplay will require Gold.

Now, on the Xbox 360, to use Facebook and Twitter, you must be a Gold subscriber. Being as the sharing of game video is a social activity, it would seem that anyone would have expected this move, but alas, you would be wrong. If you guessed that Sony would pounce and tell people that their version wouldn't require PS+, you would be right, however.

In other, non-Gold news, Major Nelson showed off the console in its first ever unboxing video. Finally, the answer to a lot of questions have been answered. Most notable is the inclusion of a headset with the console, something that the rumor mill had attempted to suggest Microsoft would not include in the box. Luckily that rumor is now dead.

Hit the break to check out Major Nelson's unboxing video and let us know what you think about the Gold subscriptions.


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