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Sony and Bungie Show Destiny Gameplay

posted Wednesday Jun 12, 2013 by Scott Ertz

Sony and Bungie Show Destiny Gameplay

We have known for some time about Bungie's next title, Destiny. We got some of our first looks at it at the PlayStation 4 reveal event in February, but we didn't see any real live gameplay. Well, Sony did us a favor giving us a full demo of the game.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line the wrong portion of a campaign was chosen for the demo, with a lot of the presentation being less than stellar. This was a huge disappointment to our team, who have been waiting for this since February. Luckily, even a lackluster demo can't kill the excitement.

The game world is beautiful, as you would expect from the company that created the Halo universe. Foes and friends alike are unique, using a combination of bright colors and muted cloaks to maintain the same brightness, yet imperative distress, that they have brought us in the past.

As expected from Bungie, the game seems to handle as well, if not better, than any of the Halo titles. This is a game to be excited about at launch.

Hit the break to check out the E3 gameplay trailer.


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