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Amazon Chooses 5 of 14 Shows to Produce

posted Saturday Jun 1, 2013 by Scott Ertz

Amazon Chooses 5 of 14 Shows to Produce

Six weeks ago, Amazon decided to compete with Netflix and Hulu by entering into the custom content business. Amazon decided to do it a little differently, though, allowing you to choose which shows it produced. Well, the votes are in, and the decision has been made: five shows will be produced.

The original lineup contained 6 comedies and 8 kids' shows; the final decision kept 2 of those comedies and 3 of the kids' shows. Alpha House, a political comedy about 4 Republican senators living together in a house, plus Betas, a series about the ridiculous environment that is the Silicon Valley start-up environment beat out series like Onion News Network, a parody of Aaron Sorkin's Newsroom for HBO from The Onion.

The children's shows that made the cut were Annebots, a live-action series about a kid scientist and her robot, Creative Galaxy, an animated series about an alien artist and Tumbleaf, a 3D animated series about an adventurous fox. Obviously these series beat out 5 others, rounding out Amazon's new lineup.

I am personally excited about the 2 comedies that made the cut, though I am a little disappointed about Onion News Network getting cut, as it was my personal favorite in the original collection. Did your favorites make the cut or were they lost to the Internet? Let us know in the comments.


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