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Samsung Might Abandon Its Own Processor for Intel

posted Sunday May 26, 2013 by Scott Ertz

Samsung Might Abandon Its Own Processor for Intel

Samsung has long manufactured mobile processors - many of their phones and tablets have run on Samsung procs, as well as Apple's products. All of that might change, however, as Galaxy Tab 3 devices have been discovered sporting the newest Intel Atom processor, Clover Trail. While Intel developed the chip with Windows 8 devices in mind, the Galaxy Tab line runs Android, meaning the processor is cross-platform safe.

The new Atoms are known to be very power efficient, making them ideal for mobile devices of any type. It would make sense for Samsung to stop trying to focus on something that isn't in their core competency and allow someone else maintain that focus, like Intel.

So, where is the information coming from? Two benchmarking sites recently ran benchmarks against a device dubbed the GT-P5200 running a Clover Train processor and Android 4.2.2. The Galaxy Tab 2 was dubbed the GT-P5100, so it is a logical conclusion that this is the next device in the line. Intel might not be the exclusive processor manufacturer, however, as a Tab 3 running Samsung's Exynos 5 dual-core processor has been spotted in the past.

These conflicting reports could indicate that Samsung might have an ARM and Intel version of the tablet, or it could indicate that Samsung has prototypes of both processors at the heart of the tablet, and only one will make it to market. It seems like running dueling processors down the production line wouldn't be an easy process, so my guess is only one will make it out, and I suspect it will be Intel.

If Intel does win this bid, it will help to turn around spirits at the company, who is currently undergoing a reorganization under a new CEO. That can always be disheartening, never knowing what parts of the company's culture might be damaged in the end. This win would stop a lot of bad feelings and reinvigorate the company, who has been losing out to ARM processors at an alarming rate.

Would you prefer to see an ARM or an Intel processor in the Galaxy Tab 3? Let us know in the comments section.


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