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RUMOR: 360 Elite Price Drop

posted Saturday Aug 22, 2009 by Scott Ertz

RUMOR: 360 Elite Price Drop

When it comes to price drop rumors, I usually wait until I have at least 2 credible sources before I get excited. Well, now I do. Last week, I stumbled across a picture of an ad for an Elite for $299. Now, that was pretty exciting, but it was the first I had heard of it, and with all the rumors about the PS3 (which turned out to be true), it was inevitable that we would hear some talk about the 360 as well.

This week, however, Kotaku uncovered an image of a Walmart "rollback" on Elite, now $299. Now we have some credibility. Now, it is currently the 22nd of August, and the date of the ad is shown to be August 30th, so I assume we will hear official word from Microsoft in the next few days.

The thing I am most excited about with this possibility is the fact that consumers can now actually afford both consoles. It isn't quite as cost effective as owning a PlayStation and a Nintendo64 at the same time, but it is a lot better than when the PlayStation 3 first launched, with a price tag equaling the total of both consoles together if this turns out to be true.

So, guy, are you going to go out and purchase the missing console from your collection, or are you content with the one you already have? Or do you already have both? Tell us in the comments section.


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