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Sony Confirms the Rumors - PS3 Slim

posted Saturday Aug 22, 2009 by Scott Ertz

Sony Confirms the Rumors - PS3 Slim

It's official, Sony announced this week the existence of the long rumored PlayStation 3 Slim. The impressive part is that the images we have been seeing over the past few weeks were mostly correct. That almost never happens. So, now, let's get to the details, shall we?

The new console is black (of course) and has a 120GB hard drive. They will be available here in the States, as well as Europe and most of Asia starting September 1st (Japan on the 3rd), and will retail for $299. Yes, you heard me, a PS3 for the price of a 360. Sony Computer Entertainment had this to say about the new device:

The internal design architecture of the new PS3 system, from the main semiconductors and power supply unit to the cooling mechanism, has been completely redesigned, achieving a much slimmer and lighter body. Compared to the very first PS3 model with 60GB HDD, the internal volume as well as its thickness and weight are trimmed down to approximately two-thirds. Furthermore, power consumption is also cut to two-thirds, helping to reduce fan noise.

If this news has you all hot and bothered and now you just can't wait to give your money to Sony, they have lowered the price of the 80GB to the same $299, and the 160 is now $399. Price cuts for everyone! Hooray!

So, what do you think? Is this an exciting announcement, or is it too little too late?


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