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Emilio Estefan, Target and Monster Team Up with the Sound Machine Headphones

posted Sunday Apr 14, 2013 by Nicholas DiMeo

Emilio Estefan, Target and Monster Team Up with the Sound Machine Headphones

For those who have been following us for a long time, you'll know that we're huge fans of Monster Cable. Say what you will about their cables (and we'll argue most of those points in a logical and scientific way at another point in time), but their headphones are really becoming unmatched by any other product. After departing from the Beats brand, the Head Monster, Noel Lee, had to look elsewhere to find names, looks and styles that could really captivate a new audience to let them experience an astonishing audio experience. Mr. Lee calls this Pure Monster Sound. This year at the International CES, we saw a whole new lineup of headphones coming to consumers this year, but it seemed like a certain genre was missing from the pack: Latin music. Starting today, however, Monster, along with Target, have filled that void.

Monster has teamed up with Target and GRAMMY-Award winning producer Emilio Estefan to introduce the Sound Machine by Monster headphones. Target will have a 60-day exclusivity with these higher-end models, with the on-ear and over-ear models priced at $149.99 and $249.99, respectively. With Latin music in mind, which is high in percussion and hard-hitting sounds, the Sound Machines help grow the relationship Target and Estefan have already created over the course of the past year and a half. On these headphones and the expanded partnership, Target's divisional merchandise manager of entertainment, Anne Stanchfield, said,

Emilio Estefan is an icon in the music industry as well as the Latin community, and our partnership has been met with great excitement. With the introduction of Sound Machine by Monster headphones, we are expanding our relationship to include a product Emilio played a role in creating.

The Head Monster also spoke on how working with Emilio Estefan will help Monster grow in a more diverse way.

Emilio Estefan's music has been and continues to be a tremendous influence on musicians all over the world. Being able to work with him to create Sound Machine by Monster headphones has been inspiring for everyone here at Monster, and thanks to our valued partnership with Target, we are looking forward to being able to bring Target guests a new way to enjoy all the music they love, with a unique headphone that epitomizes the heart and soul of Emilio's art.

Estefan added that the Sound Machine headphones cater exactly to the music that he produces it really brought together the "blend of rhythms that are synonymous with our culture and our city (Miami)."


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