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Google Rated Most Vulnerable to Attack

posted Saturday Mar 16, 2013 by Scott Ertz

Google Rated Most Vulnerable to Attack

There has been a perception among computer users that Microsoft's software is insecure. Most of that has come from Apple, who has had a campaign against Microsoft and Windows in particular, claiming that MacOS is more secure. Obviously, the only reason that "Macs don't get viruses" was because no one owned a Mac and, therefore, writing malicious code for them would have been a waste.

Well, the world has changed a little in the last few years. It's not that people own Macs now, which they don't, but that Apple now writes software for Windows. Some other players have gained some power in the Windows world, including Google and Mozilla, both of which had almost zero market three years ago. As it turns out, Microsoft is possibly the least of the culprits as far as security is concerned.

In fact, the idea that Apple writes secure software turns out to be complete garbage: between last week's AppStore security vulnerability and this week's Secunia annual review, Apple might is one of the LEAST secure software developers. Let's get to the numbers: Google Chrome is the worst software package on Windows with a massive 291 vulnerabilities; Mozilla Firefox is second with 257; Apple iTunes is third with 243.

Of all of the numbers, available through the source link below, Microsoft's total count across all products is less than any of the top three, all considered to be the harbingers of security. Oops. In fact, Windows 7, with 50, and Internet Explorer with 41, doesn't even hit the triple digits, whereas iTunes is over a quarter thousand on its own, and it is not Apple's only software product on the list.

Hopefully this information will become public, possibly with my help here, and perception and reality at least get closer to in sync.


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