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RUMOR: PS3 Slim - Enough Said

posted Saturday Aug 15, 2009 by Scott Ertz

RUMOR: PS3 Slim - Enough Said

I am almost tired of following the story of the PS3 Slim. Every day I am reading articles, speculations, sifting through photos and watching TERRIBLE videos on YouTube just so that I can find the things that are credible for you guys. Today I have some for you in the form of an interview with a European retailer who says he has received information through his wholesale channels about the PS3 Slim.

Although not the world's most understandable interview, being as it was not conducted in English, there were still a few points that made it across clearly. The most interesting of which was that his information indicated that the PS3 Slim was not to be a replacement for the PS3, but more like a one-time run, limited edition model.

He also indicated that the Slim would launch at 299.99, as opposed to the normal 399.99 sometimes in September. If this is the case, then I suspect we will start seeing some information coming out in English from some US retailers (we're looking at you GameStop employees).


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