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Microsoft Reportedly Testing Own Smartphone Design with Asian Suppliers?

posted Saturday Nov 3, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Microsoft Reportedly Testing Own Smartphone Design with Asian Suppliers?

Anticipation has been gradually increasing since Microsoft's announcement of Windows Phone 8 back in June, which obviously means that rumors were soon going to follow. In particular, many wanted to know if Microsoft would release their own "Surface phone" of sorts. As we moved closer to the WinPho 8 event, we learned about third-party devices like the Lumia 920 and 820, the HTC 8X/S and even Samsung was getting into the game. Through all of that, Microsoft was adament that they had no interest in building their own smartphone. However we are now learning that perhaps that was all a smokescreen for a bigger picture.

Reports are flying in that Microsoft is already in the process of quality testing its own branded smartphone with suppliers in Asia. Sources close to the situation are saying that the screen will be between four and five inches and will be completely competitive with the phones that are out in the market today. The interesting thing to note here is that Microsoft is reportedly into the test phase of its design process, which means this smartphone has been on the drawing board, I'd imagine, since the inception of the Surface itself.

There is no word yet on if the device will go into mass production, but one could assume that would all be gauged on the success of WinPho 8 from Microsoft's hardware partners. If Nokia, Samsung and HTC do extremely well, it is possible Microsoft would hold on releasing their own version, as they could put their faith into the manufacturers. If sales start to slip, however, I could see Microsoft stepping in and pushing this alleged phone to market at a rapid pace. I've discussed at length on our show that Microsoft may have to set the standard with Windows Phone 8 in the same way that they are shaping the tablet world with Surface.

The big question here is if the phone is actually real. If it is, then it would seem that Microsoft has taken a page out of Apple's book as far as developing both hardware and software for its platform. If this all turns out to be true, is a Windows-branded television and desktop computer on the way as well? Nokia has its phones hitting shelves very soon, with others following suit before Thanksgiving and the sales could definitely push Microsoft one way or the other on this. What do you think will happen? Post your comments (from a Windows 8 device if you have one) below.


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