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Portal 2 In Motion Coming to PS3

posted Friday Nov 2, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Portal 2 In Motion Coming to PS3

No, this post is not from 2011 - Portal 2 is coming to PlayStation 3, but in a new and exciting way. Sixense will be releasing Portal 2 In Motion, a PS3-exclusive DLC for the original title, this Tuesday for $9.99. The DLC, along with the digital-download version of the game, have been remade by Sixense to work with PlayStation Move.

Sixense worked with Valve to bring full motion control to both the DLC and original game, to bring a new and exciting control scheme to the title. Along with the new control scheme comes new actual gameplay mechanics, including object rotation, portal surfing and scaling. As all control capabilities in Portal titles, you will need to master these capabilities in order to get through the new campaign, of course meaning you will have to rethink the way you solve puzzles.

The release of the DLC comes at the same time as the digital download version of the game for PSN, both of which will get a 30% discount for PlayStation Plus members. If you already own the Blu-Ray version of the game, you will receive the Move-powered controls via a downloadable patch, but only Portal 2 In Motion will include the new, motion-specific gameplay controls.

As a long time fan of the series, the addition of any new elements to the gameplay is exciting. Repulsion and propulsion gels were a welcome addition to the second installment, as was the radio challenge in the PC version of the original. Adding motion control, along with the new motion-specific controls for In Motion means new ways to challenge yourself with puzzles, and new ways to try and complete puzzles you thought you might have run out of ideas for. On the other hand, if the controls don't work well, it could be another Lair.

Are you going to pick up Portal 2 In Motion on Tuesday or wait and see how well it works? Let us know in the comments.


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