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Wow, China is Weird...

posted Saturday Aug 15, 2009 by Scott Ertz

Wow, China is Weird...

Until last month, China accounted for about half of all World or Warcraft players in the world. That is not surprising, being as they have more people than anyone else. This month, however, they account for 0 (officially, of course). This is because China shutdown the game over content disputes. Well, the game is now back up, kind of.

Current subscribers were invited to participate in a closed, free beta of the new and improved game, now with government approval! I can hear the gears turning in your head (and we smell the smoke, too), and I know what you're thinking: "what did they change to make the game government friendly?" Good news - I am here to tell you!

From a report by MMOSite, some odd changes were made. My favorite is that blood is now black, because biology is irrelevant in China. Other changes include skull piles being replaced by sandbags and a number of talent tree icons now being boxes and crates and such.

Is it possible that people are actually offended or affected by the cartoon images they see in World of Warcraft, or is it that China is just more susceptible to it? Or is it possible that they are overacting and a bit crazy?


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